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What is StoryPlay®?


StoryPlay® is a model of therapy that provides creative approaches for healing, problem solving, self-growth, and professional development. Expanding upon her model of Ericksonian Play Therapy, Dr. Joyce Mills conceived of StoryPlay® and has been treating patients for over two decades with the profoundly effective method. StoryPlay® uses the foundation of metaphors, storytelling, and play, along with the principles of Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and Indigenous teachings (from which all therapeutic approaches are designed and implemented).


Why use StoryPlay®?


Since “Play” is the language of children, and “Creativity” is the language of “Play”, The StoryPlay® model brings together the elements of story, creativity and play to form a unique and proven method to effect positive change, healing, and problem solving. StoryPlay® draws on the natural inner resources, skills and strengths of each individual, group and organization to create therapeutic growth and change.

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