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Behavioral Coaching for Adults

Behavioral coaching integrates research from many disciplines into a validated, user-friendly model of practice. It incorporates knowledge from psychology (behavioral, clinical, social, developmental, industrial and organizational), systems theories, existential philosophy, education and the management and leadership literature

Behavioral Coaching for Children

Behavioral Health Coaches work with youth and families in their home and other natural environments to identify and support targeted behaviors that that lead to stress. Coaches utilize a cognitive behavioral approach to implement skills and interventions to increase positive communication and behavioral change. Behavior coaches are trained and skilled behavioral health techs who work under the supervision of an Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Licensed Professional.

In this child coaching program, we target your kids well being as well as giving parents the tools to support their kids. Working with both parents and kids, we allow you to help your kids long after they finish their coaching sessions.

Behavioral Coaching for Parents

Parenting is a learned skill. Unfortunately, we don’t learn it in a structured manner during our life nor we have the time and money to invest in a degree in parenting. Therefore we will take you though psychological, educational theories and parenting tools that have been researched and implemented all over the world by millions of parents and were found to be extremely successful.


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